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First-Class Charter Holidays

Do you want to experience the ideal weekend break? If so, contact Sloop Pegasus. We provide cheap accommodation on our sailing yacht, Pegasus, for people looking for contractor digs or a pleasant holiday on the North-East coast. Complete with free WiFi and TV, our vessel serves as the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing getaway. Manufactured in 2003 and recently refitted to exceptional standards, Pegasus complies fully with all MCA regulations and can host up to six people. Its location on Hartlepool Marina – replete with a great selection of cheap restaurants and pubs – allows for easy access to places like Scarborough, the North Yorkshire Moors and Blythe.

So, if you are looking to enjoy a luxurious holiday, get in touch with Sloop Pegasus.

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Sailing Yacht Charter from Hartlepool marina  Located in Hartlepool Marina

Holiday accommodation with our Sailing Yacht Charter  in UK and Hartlepool Ideal Holiday Accommodation

Ideal Contractor digs and Sailing Yacht Charter  in UK and Hartlepool Ideal Contractor Digs

Free wifi on our Sailing Yacht Charter  in UK and Hartlepool Free WiFi and TV

Sailing Yacht Charter in UK and Hartlepool, hosting up to 6 peopleHost Up to 6 People






Holiday Accommodation

Available as a self-catered or staffed B&B service, the holiday accommodation on our sailing yacht, Pegasus, serves as the ideal weekend break. On the Friday, we welcome guests aboard our Bavaria 41 yacht Pegasus. You can then enjoy a nice meal on the Hartlepool Marina before spending time exploring the area.

Our cheap accommodation allows for up to six people in three cabins. Any damages will be charged to the customer.

£25 per night / person


Contractor Digs

Our sailing yacht, Pegasus, is perfectly placed to provide contractor digs for people who are working in the local area for a temporary period of time and require cheap accommodation. Hartlepool Marina is extremely close to the A1 dual carriageway, making both entry and exit particularly easy. Our contractor digs can accommodate three people in three cabins and comes with free WiFi, TV and a CD player, giving you a relaxing place to unwind after a day’s work. Any breakages will be charged to the customer accordingly.

£25 per night / person

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Whether you are looking for a holiday or contractor digs, get in touch with Sloop Pegasus for high-quality cheap accommodation or Sailing Yacht charter in the UK.

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